"Have you ever been to Barcelona, and enjoyed the fantastic, expressive and enchanting art of Gaudi? Well, until resently I didn't know that we had our own Norwegian Gaudi! Not in the scale seen in Barcelona of course, but very much along the same lines of imagination! Mr. Per Lysgaard has created a ceramic sanctuary with fantastic, creative, colorful and funny ceramics. Already in the entrance, the ceiling and the snake reveals that you are about to see something special. In the backyard the large cactus, together with all the other artifacts opens up. A fantastic decorated door opens up to a fantastic gallery where the ceramic lamps certainly will draw your focus! If you don't buy anything, a nice "Please take photographs"-sign invites you to bring home some fine memories from this wonderful place. Also nice to meet the artist himself in the studio!"

     -TripAdvisor anmeldelse (RobVoi)


     Se galleriet i 360-grader!

     Overnatting på Røros